Citroen paneb hüdropneumaatikale punkti?

Kõik muu jutt mis mujale ei sobi!
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Jaan 21, 2014 16:05

Sattusin ühes XM'ide kogukonnas teema peale, kus kogutakse petitsioonile allkirju, et citroen ei lõpetaks hüdrupneumaatikaga autode tootmist, samas ei ole seal otsest allikat, ka kiire google ei andnud vastust.

Petitsioon asub ise siin ning on prantsuse keeles: ... roen/11030

Tõlgituna inglise keelde:
Attention :
Mr. Denis Duchesne
Director PSA Excellence System

Petition against the ending of the PSA Citroën hydropneumatic system

With the creation by Citroën of the DS of 1955 (the petition creator has forgotten the 15CV H but his intentions are good so…), the hydropneumatic system revolutionised comfort, grip, ride and vehicle safety. It was so obviously a superior system from the outset, compared to all competing cars’ suspension systems. And with the addition of electronics, such as the C6 , we achieved a quality never before seen in wheel/road surface communication.

And it is at this moment in history that the Directorate of PSA has decided to end this wonderful invention that has made Citroën known worldwide and given the company its legendary reputation!

How can you erase 60 years of original art creation, which made Citroën "manufacturer of the century"?

At this point, can the demands of financial and stock requirements which are manifestations of the perversity of the economy, supplant human intelligence and genius?

How can you make such an unacceptable decision to regress given that the marque has surpassed the competition with its spectacular innovations in road safety? (According to insurance statistics, Citroën is the marque least involved in accidents).

It would be a shame if the leaders of PSA were to forget that Citroën is the only manufacturer who managed to give the various components of vehicles (suspension, braking, steering, lighting, etc. ) intelligent cybernetic behaviour systems.

And how dare you leave in disarray all owners of Citroën hydropneumatic cars - from the DS 19 to the C6; cars which have marked the history of the automobile by their avant-garde qualities?

What will current Citroën owners do when they need to replace their current hydropneumatic vehicle, knowing that they no longer have the choice of metal springs of (an anachronism from the time of the ark)? This is a betrayal; an insult to the innovative engineers and designers of this technology; and a denial of scientific progress.

In addition, this decision is a strategic mistake, for, without this hydropneumatic system, Citroën models will lose their specific character and will just fall in line with their many competitors, becoming no different from all the others!

Many customers will leave the brand out of spite. Why continue to buy Citroën since nothing fundamental will distinguish this manufacturer any longer!

Do not erase this long and distinguished intellectual and industrial adventure of hydrotech and reconsider this absurd and desperate decision.

Personally take the time to study and objectively compare the qualities (especially ride comfort and handling) that Citroën models offer .

The hydropneumatic system must actually qualify for the best invention in automotive history and the fruit of genius and passion should not disappear!

Bernard Grand
MA Physical Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy
Eestis küll pigem kardetakse hüdraulikat, aga kui juba ära harjuda, siis on see ikka väga mugav, kahju, kui citroen tulevikus uusi autosid sellega enam ei toodaks. Kui mu XM ühel päeval välja vahetamist tahab on kindlasti eelistatud hüdraulikaga autod. :)